Booking club facilities

Click here to book a squash court, tennis court or the function room for table tennis

To book a court follow the link above then simply enter your username & password & select the court you want at the date & time you wish. Please remember to cancel the court if you can no longer use it.

To avoid disturbing our neighbours tennis play should be restricted to between 9 am (10 am on Sundays) & 10 pm. Members can easily book one of the tennis or squash courts, up to a week in advance, by following the link below. Please don’t book 2 consecutive squash court (40 min) sessions during peak times which are from 5-9 pm Mon-Thurs.

Members can book the bright & spacious function room which looks onto the 4 tennis courts, for a fee of only £20/hour. The function room houses the (foldable) table tennis table & table football. There are two comfortable sofas,  approximately 20 chairs, 4 misc. tables, a microwave, 2 fridges, sink & 2 kettles. The club must pay for rubbish removal so the more you take away the better.

If you do use the facilities, please put any rubbish (excluding food) in the gull-proof sack, take your glass & cardboard home for recycling & leave the room arranged as you find it. We pay a significant sum on lighting & heating so please do ensure that all lights are switched off & windows are closed. To check availability & to book the function room contact the treasurer Gerard Callis.

NB: No money, alcohol, food or trophies are kept on the premises.

A new table tennis table was purchased in 2016 and can be used at any time, provided the function room has not already been booked for a committee meeting, private party etc. If anyone would like to re-home the  (old, solid, still serviceable & free) table please contact a member of the committee.