Contact Details for Team Captains, Mini-league Organisers, tennis & squash coaches

There are two men’s tennis teams competing in the leagues. If you would like to participate in the practice sessions or team competition please contact Alastair Smith.

If you’re enthusiastic and would like to play for the ladies team, which are currently in division 7,  Liz Falconer would love to here from you.

The under 14 girls tennis team are on the lookout for more players. If you would like to play please contact our tennis coach Richard Axton.

If you’re interested in playing for one of the men’s squash teams please contact one of the team captains Paul DeMarco or Michael Clarkson.

The squash mini-league currently comprises 13 divisions of approximately 5 or 6 players each and runs throughout the year. If you would like to join please contact Ron Todd.

The singles tennis mini-league will restart in June & will run until approx. October. It’s a great opportunity for players to meet new players & get a regular game in. If you’re interested please contact Patrick Jones.

The table tennis mini-league runs throughout the year, now on a new table. Matches are best of 7 games to 21 points. If you’d like join the leagues (or give the old table a new home) please contact Patrick Jones.


As of mid June 2017 the committee are pleased to announce the appointment of our new squash coach Lisa McKenna. To contact her phone 0791 287 7042 or email her at or head over to her webpage at

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