Safeguarding and the welfare of children at the Club

The Club welcomes children as members to play sport at the Club and to participate in coaching programmes. We are aware of our responsibilities to ensure that they participate in a safe environment. We have put in place policies and procedures for safeguarding both for children and adults at risk. These policies have been developed using guidance provided by the governing sports organisations: Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and Scottish Squash. These policies and procedures can be read here & here.

As part of that policy, the Club has appointed Amanda Jones as our Welfare Officer. Her appointment is approved by the LTA. She is the first point of contact for any safeguarding concerns. She is required to liaise with the safeguarding teams at the LTA or Scottish Squash as appropriate. The role of the Welfare Officer has been set out by the LTA & can be read here. Amanda’s contact details may be found on the contacts page and as in Appendix C of the Policy.

Parents of children who are members of the Club need to be aware that the Club has no staff and there may be no adult members present (other than at coaching sessions) whilst their child is at the Club.     

Children under the age of 14 may not use the Clubhouse (other than the toilets) or play squash without adult supervision.

Diversity and Equality

The Club’s constitution states that the membership will not be denied on the basis of playing ability or any of the ‘protected characteristics’ set out in the Equality Act 2010. It is our responsibility to ensure that our member and any other person present at the Club are not treated unfairly because of their ethnic origins, gender, etc. With the advice of the LTA, we have put in place Policies and reporting procedures to be followed if such discrimination takes place & can be read here. Should any member be concerned about discriminatory or abusive behaviour they should report this to a member of the Management Committee.

Should any member have concerns safeguarding or diversity issues at the Club that may not be directly affecting themselves or their children, they may wish to consult the Club,s Whistleblowing policy which can be read here.

Club Rules and Constitution

Please see the following documents for the club rules & constitution for 2014/2015:

Club Clothing

Dean don’t have a specific dress code but if you would like to order an item of club clothing with the Dean logo on it then follow the following link: and therefter enter “Dean” into the search bar. That will bring up the range of clothing with the club logo that is currently available for purchase.