Tennis Facilities

The club has 4 all-weather sand-filled artificial grass tennis courts which were replaced in June2017, have a consistent bounce and which drain quickly after rain. The floodlighting on courts 1 & 2 (and half of court 3) make tennis playable all year round. The 2 light switches are located in the club house, next to  the telephone. Please remember to turn them off after play. To preserve the life of the bulbs please don’t switch them back on again until they’ve been off for at least 5 mins.

Court Booking: Covid-19 social distancing requirements mean that all members must book a court before visiting the club: Booking

When booking tennis courts please try and book consecutive slots to maximise the availability of the courts. Cancel bookings if you can’t use them.

Playing Times: Tennis may only be played between 08:00 (10:00 on Sundays) and 22:00.

There is a mini-court for younger players & a practice wall for all players.

Singles Tennis Box League

Prompted by Covid-19 Dean has decided to move away from the paper based system (running since 1991) and use the BoxLeague software to help run the league. See below.

Aim: The aim of the mixed, Singles Tennis Box League is to provide tennis members with the opportunity of playing singles tennis with different players of a similar standard.

Commitment: Depending upon division size, players will usually have 4 or 5 matches to play every 5 to 6 weeks. If you play no matches you will be dropped.

Match Scoring: The first player to win 9 games wins the match. No tie-breaks. Login to Box League and click on ‘League Matches’ to enter the scores e.g. If player 1 beat player 2 by 9 games to 8 then select score 9-8 etc. 

Points: To encourage people to play, points are awarded as follows: 2 points for playing a match 1 point for each game won and 3 points for winning the match. If you play all of your matches you will be awarded an additional 2 bonus points.

Promotion/Demotion: In general, the 2 players with the most points will be promoted, the 2 with the fewest will be demoted and 1 or 2 (depending upon division size) will stay. Some adjustments to these guidelines are almost always necessary as people join or withdraw. The downside of this approach is that at the end of the approx. 6 weeks, players who have been promoted relative to their opponents may end up being pushed down by stronger players re-joining.

Joining: Rather than expect everyone, including team-standard players, to start in the bottom division and work their way up, players wishing to join/rejoin should contact the administrator & indicate which division you hope to join/re-join. Assume 10 divisions with division ‘A’ being the strongest.


If a match can’t be arranged or is cancelled for any reason you may feel justifiably frustrated. However, the organiser would like to remind players that the Box League is intended as a medium for friendly competition. Claiming a walkover, for any reason is potentially controversial, so has not been facilitated.

BoxLeague website: The BoxLeague database is website based as opposed to a phone app. Initially, sign up via the administrator who will enter your details into the BoxLeague system and allocate you a login name. Once you receive an email from BoxLeague  (check your spam folder) click on the link and login at BoxLeague . Click on the ‘My Profile’ tab to change your password & update contact details, if desired. Email is most commonly used to arrange games but phone numbers are useful in setting up a ‘WhatsApp’ group for your division, as an alternative. Opt out of future leagues because of injury/holidays etc. by clicking the ‘I am currently injured and cannot play’ box. Opt out of match result emails by logging in to BoxLeague/Profile and unticking the “Receive match result emails“. However, it is recommended that you tick the “Receive league level emails” so that you can be contacted by your opponents & the administrator.

At the start (and end) of a league you will receive an email from BoxLeague.  Login and click on ‘Standings’ to see the details of your opponents. Player order is initially by surname.

As of March 2021 the Box League comprises 10 divisions of 6 players. Next update will be after 5pm on Sunday 25th April 2021.

For further information please contact the Singles Tennis Box League administrator via the contacts page.

Use Recycled Tennis Balls?

To save on landfill, consider using the PriceOfBath Phoenix recycled tennis balls:


Team Tennis

Team tennis in the East of Scotland leagues typically runs from April to June each year.  (On hold).

Other Tennis Events

Mixed Tennis ladder using the Slappy Sports App. (On hold)

Saturdays “Turn Up and Play” on Saturdays from 11:00 to 12:30. (On hold)

For further information please contact the organiser via the contacts page.

Annual Tournament

The club hold an annual tennis tournament for all players, usually around August/September. Singles, doubles, mixed & handicap matches are all held & trophies competed for. The finals are also a good excuse to light the BBQ.

Coaching for Seniors & Juniors


Our full time tennis coach, Richard Axton (pictured), is available throughout the year for private coaching for members and non-members. Richard is a LTA licensed coach and qualified to run cardio tennis sessions.

Individual and group lessons for all ages and standards can be accommodated. There are adult group sessions open to members and non-members on weekday evenings. Richard also runs a junior tennis programme (5-18 years old) with sessions midweek and at weekends. There are holiday clubs during Easter and summer holidays.

For further information please contact Richard via the contacts page.

NB: If non-members decide to join after they have had non-member coaching sessions; they will be reimbursed 5 sessions worth of additional fees paid for coaching. 



Footware & court maintenance

To avoid damaging the playing surface please only wear appropriate ( no heel) footwear on the courts.

The committee have entered into a regular maintenance contract with a local company in order to keep the courts in the best condition possible and to try and ensure their longevity.

However, please do use one of the drag brushes, after you’ve played, to help re-distribute the sand, remove leaves and discourage plant growth etc.

Court Booking & Club Contacts

Book a court via the booking section page.

For further information please contact the organiser via the contacts page.

The Dean Ladies 2019 Team finished in 3rd place in East of Scotland League Division 7B.

Dean ladies tennis team (pictured) have had another successful year finishing a close third in their league.
16 ladies have played for the team this year and we have all enjoyed some competitive tennis and lovely weather!
For more photos see the Photo Archive page.