Booking Time at the Facility

In order to book court time, members must create an account with SportyHQ, and associate that account with the Dean Tennis and Squash Club –

Details on how to go about this can be found in the document  Booking a Court or the function room at the Dean Club

  • Members can book up to 7 days in advance (to the hour)
  • Please observe the listed booking limits, in consideration of the needs of other members
  • Try to avoid leaving 1⁄2 hour gaps between tennis bookings
  • Do not book a longer time than you need
  • Cancel your booking as soon as you know that you cannot use it
  • Cancel your booking even if it is due to bad weather
  • Please remove any fallen leaves from the tennis courts before playing.
  • Don’t enter the tennis courts if there is snow on the courts as any compacted snow will be the last to melt

To cancel a booking

  • Log on to the booking website
  • Find your booking on the relevant page of the calendar
  • Hit the dustbin icon, and confirm