Tennis Booking Rules-Please consider the needs of other members

  • Book no more than 3 consecutive half-hour slots. This rule applies: At weekends For bookings starting after 3 pm on weekdays.
  • Avoid leaving 1⁄2 hour gaps between booking.
  • Do not book a longer time than you need.
  • Cancel your booking as soon as you know that you cannot use it.
  • Cancel your booking even if it is due to bad weather.
  • Return to tennis protocol April 2021


    You cannot book more than 7 days in advance.
    To book more than one half-hour slot, you can use the ‘Until’ function in the confirmation window to extend the booking for up to 1 1⁄2 hours even though the later slots may go beyond the 7-day limit.

    To cancel a booking

  • Log on to the booking website
  • Click or tap on to your booking
  • On the pop up screen, confirm the cancellation.  
  • NB: The cancellation screen is displayed on the Court 3 booking column (top or bottom depending on your device)

    NB: The same rules regarding cancellation apply to the booking of the squash courts as for the tennis courts.

Ext URL to Tennis, squash & function room booking website

To book a court follow the link above then simply enter your username & password, select the court for the time slot(s) that you want. For more details see the link below:

Online Court Booking System