Tennis Booking Rules-Please consider the needs of other members

  • Book no more than 3 consecutive half-hour slots. This rule applies: At weekends For bookings starting after 3 pm on weekdays.
  • Avoid leaving 1⁄2 hour gaps between booking.
  • Do not book a longer time than you need.
  • Cancel your booking as soon as you know that you cannot use it.
  • Cancel your booking even if it is due to bad weather.
  • Return to tennis protocol April 2021


    You cannot book more than 7 days in advance.
    To book more than one half-hour slot, you can use the ‘Until’ function in the confirmation window to extend the booking for up to 1 1⁄2 hours even though the later slots may go beyond the 7-day limit.

    To cancel a booking

  • Log on to the booking website
  • Click or tap on to your booking
  • On the pop up screen, confirm the cancellation.  
  • NB: The cancellation screen is displayed on the Court 3 booking column (top or bottom depending on your device)

    Return of Competitive Squash July 2021

    Please note the booking slots have been changed to 50 mins. This is to allow you to finish 10 mins before end to wipe surfaces and leave before next booking arrives (part of our covid procedures).

    NB: The same rules apply to the booking of the squash courts as for the tennis courts.

Ext URL to Tennis, squash & function room booking website

To book a court (up to 1 week ahead) follow the link above then simply enter your username & password, select the court for the time slot(s) that you want.