Dean Tennis & Squash Club Management Committee

The Club is managed by a Committee comprised of volunteer members. Membership of the Committee has to be agreed at the Annual General Meeting held in March each year although the Committee may co-opt new members during the course of the year.

The Management Committee is always on the look-out for enthusiastic volunteers. This may be to serve on the Committee, but might equally well be to organise events or teams, to provide catering at Club events, to help out with the practical aspects of the maintenance of our facilities to give just a few examples.

The following table lists the contact details of the Committee Members. To help defeat spammer scripts you will need to “REMOVE” part of the email. Tip: open link in a new tab, edit the email & paste into your email server.

President  Moira Little
Vice-President  Matthew Hunter
Treasurer  Gerard Callis
Committee Secretary  Emily Anderson
Membership Secretary  David Robb
Tennis Convenor  Sheila Graham
Squash Convenors  Matthew Hunter & Ross Jamieson
Grounds & Clubhouse  Jan Vettraino
Additional Members  Lise Cooper


Welfare Officer

For safeguarding issues, the Committee have appointed a Welfare Officer, Amanda Jones. She is no longer a member of the Committee but reports to the Committee in regard to safeguarding issues. See the committee noticeboard in the clubhouse for further details.

The contact details for Amanda, as well as the captains, league organisers & coaches can be found on the contacts page.