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Membership at the club

The table below shows the costs which are for the current full year’s membership, until 31st March 2023 (except for student membership, which runs until the end of May). Costs are reduced monthly through the course of the year.
We have a “Refer a Friend” scheme (currently squash only). Please see the Member’s Page for more details.

To join or view additional membership types and current prices please visit:

Type Description Summary Tennis Squash Full
Child Children less than 9 years old. £21
Individual Individuals may join as full members for both sports, or for tennis
or squash separately.
£230 £230 £299
Couple For couples staying at the same address, membership is available at a discounted rate. £414 £414 £538
Weekday The same as individual membership but with playing time restricted to 9am to 4.30pm on Mondays to
£115 £115 £150
Family For couples, family membership includes children at the same address 18 years & under. Family membership may be full or for a single sport (tennis or squash). £429 £429 £559
Junior Children between the ages of 9 and 13 years. £68
Intermediate Available to people aged between 14 and 17. £115 £115 £150
Student Students in full time education. £23 £19 £27
Non-playing £11

Joining the club

Please head over to to join the club and/or to view more membership categories. Once you have made your payment a key and electronic fob (returnable deposit of £25 applies) will be sent to you. The key opens both the Lennox St & Dean Pk Crescent gates to gain access to the grounds. By holding the fob close to the door control sensor (on LHS) you can gain access to the clubhouse. If you have any questions please contact the club.

NB: There is no additional charge for tennis court lighting or squash court lighting & heating.

The club’s long term future relies on attracting & (more importantly) retaining members. Please “do your bit” by helping the committee to recruit your friends, family, colleagues & neighbours to the club. If you’re so inclined please leave the club a review on social media.

Renew your membership online

Toward the end of March, if you would like to renew or change your membership, please head over to If you have any questions please contact the club.


If you feel unable to renew your membership this year we’re really sorry to lose you, but perhaps we can entice you back in the future? In the meantime, to enable a refund of your deposit (£25) please put your key and fob in an envelope marked with your name & for the attention of our membership secretary Mr. David Robb, and put the envelope into the club’s post box beside the front gate.


Members may sign guests into the club using the sheet within the clubhouse. However, the same person may not play as a guest more than twice in any calendar month or four times in the year. The fee of £4/session is collected in March or when you renew/resign.

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