Member’s Page

Club Rules and Constitution

Please see the following documents for the club rules & constitution:

Club Clothing

Dean don’t have a specific dress code but if you would like to order an item of club clothing with the Dean logo on it then follow the following link: and therefter enter “Dean” into the search bar. That will bring up the range of clothing with the club logo that is currently available for purchase.

Data Protection Policy

Telephone & First Aid Kit

There is a telephone for emergency outgoing calls in the cupboard by the club noticeboard. This is also where the first aid kit is kept, should you need it. It is also suggested that members make sure they have a mobile phone courtside for making emergency calls, too.

Lost Property

Items of lost property can be found in a box adjacent to the cupboard with the telephone in it.

Refer a friend scheme

We have a ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme. Members can claim a rebate of £20 on their membership fee for any new member that they recruit to the Club.  Currently this applies only to new squash members. To receive the rebate the new member must inform us of who introduced them to the Club.

The following conditions apply:

·       the new member must have signed up for at least 6 months membership (if joining within 6 months of the end of the membership year, the rebate will be paid when the new member pays their fee for the following year);

·       the £20 rebate is for adult, full-time membership, it will be scaled down on a pro rata basis if the member is in the junior, intermediate or weekday categories;

·       the scheme is limited to a maximum of 3 introductions per membership year.

Rubbish & Recycling

The committee would like to remind everyone of the procedures in place for disposing of rubbish/recycling. Rubbish should be placed in bins lined with black bags: our cleaner places them in the gull-proof bag at the Lennox St entrance where they are picked up by DM Clearances, who recycle as much as possible. Food/wet waste should be put in compostable bags, which can be found under the sink. Old tennis balls can be placed in the container in the clubhouse – not left outside the clubhouse door.