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Yes! Tanzania


If you are anything like me you take access to great sporting facilities such as those offered at our club for granted. As you can imagine, young people in Tanzania, one of the poorest countries in the world, are not so fortunate.  To help change this please support YES! Tanzania- we are an Edinburgh based charity that works in Northern Tanzania with young people who want to enjoy sport. Any donations that are given in November will go into a pool that will be doubled thanks to the Big Give Christmas Initiative. Please follow the link to make a donation…

YES! Tanzania No…. SC041604

Thank you,

Mark Cuthbert

YES! Tanzania Chairman

Dean Racketball Championships

Many thanks for those who took part this 2014 DEAN RACKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP. With expand of 4 months most of us have play more games than last year!! total of 79 to 47 points. With this seem we are improving our games as well for Team Matches too. I will try to have next year start in April to August for 5 month, this help us play earlier to prepare Team Matches etc.

K. Parker 4 points
D. Thompson 23 points
R. Anderson 23 points
D. Mill 6 points
R. Todd 6 points
C. Hopkins 6 points
M, Clarkson 10 points
P. Jones 1 points
S. Aiken 1 points

As you can see Ross + David got 23 points!! So this will be rematch to see who the winner.


First of all, I or we all should raise our hat to Ross for making big effort to play all his games, when he only home for weekend, and doing a good job with Commonwealth Games in mid-week for over a year ( may finish end of this month, so courts will be busy after that!! ). we both lost a game, we both a Champion!! So who the first player to win Dean CHAMPION twice!?

We were neck to neck on first game then I shoot off to win 15-9, same again on 2nd game a close call, then again I won 15-12 (I think), but 3rd game I play better with 3 cracker lucky shot game and Ross moan!!, but he always called me ‘Lucky’ in most games anyway!! or was he a bit tried with all the travels!! it was 14-4, then what I thought not nice but it a stoke, as he didn’t move out of way!! but he heard the ball burst!! it true!! I asked Ross are you sure to play on as seem a long shot for him!!?? I bring a new ball with 2 dot showing!! with warm up, then seem he like this ball better and picking up load of point( or was the ball so dark black he hitting it well!! ) then he hit the tin!! 15-8. Hooray the winner is David Thompson!

Thanks Ross, also again others as well. not sure we carry on with this using Ladder, or we again switch to work on our Squash Training/games with rest of other Squash players for teams etc!!

Yours in sports



Sunday Funday – September 7th

To celebrate the start of the squash season and the completion of the tennis season, we are having a squash & tennis Fun Day at the Dean Club. Join the club for an afternoon of squash, tennis and BBQ from 2pm!

Squash: We will be running a handicap squash tournament and racquetball taster sessions.

Tennis: We will be running a tennis tournament where you play with different partners every 15 minutes to try and win the most number of games: we will have prizes! This tournament is fun for all levels of tennis, and because you keep swapping partners you will play a wide range of people and abilities. So whether you are a complete beginner or play regularly, come play the mini tournament!

We would be grateful if you could sign up to the event so we know roughly how much BBQ food to provide, and how many will take part in the day’s events! Please send any questions to Sarah at

Sign up here:

Great British Tennis Open Day at Dean

If you want to play tennis come and have a hit at Dean’s beautiful courts in the West End during the weekend of 21st-22nd June. It’s a free event, open to all. Club members will be on hand to show you around and to play tennis with. You can see what the club has to offer – including our newly refurbished squash courts. We look forward to seeing you. Book a session for Saturday or Sunday – or just turn up.

Tennis Social Starts This Weekend

Following the recent survey of member interest in re-establishing a regular and defined social tennis session, it has been decided to run this on Sunday afternoons, from 2-4pm. Members will be encouraged to stay for tea afterwards. This Sunday the 19th will be our first session – come play and then have some cake!

The LTA is running an initiative called the Great British Tennis Weekend that will see tennis parks, clubs and venues across Britain open their courts to members of the public over the summer. Dean Tennis Club have registered to take part over the weekend of 21st-22nd June, where we will open the courts to the public. We hope that members will be on hand to show people around and to play tennis with. More details, including posters around the club, will follow shortly.