Dean Annual Tennis Tournament 2019

Entries are invited and encouraged, for the 2019 tennis tournament, in the following categories:-

  • · Gents Open Singles
  • · Ladies Open Singles
  • · Gents Open Doubles
  • · Ladies Open Doubles
  • · Gents Handicap Singles
  • · Ladies Handicap Singles
  • · Handicap Mixed Doubles
  • · Veterans Mixed Doubles

Entries are to be submitted by Wednesday 31 July.

Finals day will be Saturday 07 September

This year’s tournament referee is Iain Mackay.  Please submit your entries to him at:.

Provide your name, events to be entered, and contact details (phone and email)

If you prefer, you may add your name to the poster in the clubhouse.

1 Finals day is Saturday 07 September 2019, from noon.  An exact schedule of ties will be agreed nearer the time. 
2 All entrants must be playing tennis members of the club;
3 Ties can be arranged by either party but ultimately arrangement of each tie is the responsibility of the person who won the round before in the draw or the first person named in a tie – the Challenger;
4 The Challenger must offer at least two dates;
5 If the Challenger offers three dates and none are suitable, the Challenger may seek to claim the tie (although you should all make efforts to find a mutually convenient time). Please refer such situations to the tournament referee;
6 It is the responsibility of the Challenger to book the court for the tie. Competition ties take precedence for court time during the tournament period;
7 Competitors are reminded that they must scratch before reaching the final if they cannot play on finals day;
8 Ties should be commenced and completed promptly, within the timescale set out in the draw. Any need to extend beyond the last date for any round should be referred to the tournament referee;
9 Open ties are best of three sets; the first two sets are tie-break sets; the third set, if required, is a long set;
10 Handicap ties are the best of three long sets;
11 Entrants for the Veterans tournament must have a combined age of 100.  There are no other barriers to entry based on age.
12 It is hoped that good sportsmanship and common sense will prevail! However if there are any difficulties please feel free to contact the referee. In all cases of dispute, the referee’s decision is final;
  Tournament Referee: Iain Mackay