(Revision: 21st June)

Booking Courts and Tennis Activity
o The courts are available for:
o singles tennis;
o doubles provided that each partnership is from the same household
o Play is not permitted unless your court is booked prior to arrival at the Club
o Limit your booking session to one hour
o If you cannot use a booked court, cancel the booking as soon as possible to allow other members to play
o The practice wall should not be used at this time

Junior and Child Members
o Children over the age of 14 (Intermediate category) are subject to the same rules as adult members
o Junior and child members may only play with adult supervision
o Junior and child members from separate households may play against each other with supervision from off the court by one parent or a parent of each child who must abide by the social distancing guidelines
o Adult supervision is required even if the junior is playing with a sibling in the Intermediate membership category
o Games involving junior or child members should be booked on Courts 1 or 4 to allow off-court
o Child members (under 9 y.o.) may use the mini court with a parent who need not be a member of
the Club
o Other rules remain as below

Coming to the Club
o Avoid touching the entrance gate. It is possible to open and close gates touching only your key.
o Aim to arrive 5 minutes before your booking time.
o Ensure you maintain a 2 m distance between yourself and other members present
o Be aware of other members using steps or the path and wait for them to allow 2 m distancing
o Do not enter the courts until your court has been vacated
o For access to courts use: steps by the Clubhouse (Court 1); steps on Lennox St bank (Courts 2&3);
gate from mini-court (Court 4).

Clubhouse access and general hygiene
o Wash your hands at home before coming to the Club
o Members are advised to bring their own hand sanitising gel
o Hand sanitising gel is available outside the Clubhouse door
o Avoid touching surfaces at the Club such as fences, handrails, gates, benches, etc.
o Use hand sanitiser after your match
o Do not shake hands after the match, remember to remain at a safe distance apart

Tennis balls
Tennis balls are a potential vector for virus transmission
o Players must bring their own balls to the club (no more than 4)
o The balls must have clearly marked to identify ownership
o Players may choose either to use their own balls for their service games or to use a single set of balls
o If 2 sets of balls are in use, do not pick up your opponent’s balls and return balls to the server using the racket or foot
o If a single set of balls is used, make sure you avoid touching your face and use hand sanitising gel after you finish your game
o Balls hit from adjacent courts should be returned as soon as practicable using your racket or foot
o Do not chase balls hit from your court onto adjacent courts when they are in use

During the game
Social distancing by 2 m is readily achieved in singles tennis and between partnerships in doubles
o Net height adjustment has been disabled to minimise risk of virus transmission
o Players should consider the option of not changing ends between games
o If you do change ends, do so on opposite sides of the court and maintain your distance from
players on the adjacent court
o Do not play on for more than 20 minutes into the buffer period between booking
o Please leave the Club without undue delay after you have finished playing

The Tennis Scotland Guidance and these Rules emphasise the aim of minimising the risk of
transmitting Covid-19 between members. That can be helped by minimising the numbers present at
the Club at any one time.
o In accordance with the Government’s guidelines, we ask you to remain at home should you, or
anyone you live with, develop the symptoms of Covid-19
o We ask you to play tennis in accordance with these instructions
o Do not use the Club as an opportunity to socialise with other members
o You are advised to use hand sanitising gel after touching shared surfaces such as gates.
o Should you develop the symptoms of Covid-19, you are advised to follow the Scottish

Government’s ‘test and protect’ guidelines:

These rules will be reviewed throughout the period of restrictions on activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic with particular regard to the restrictions applied by the Scottish Government and advice given by Tennis Scotland